Baby Steps Ch237

Piglet to Curse, QtPie doesn’t resign, LMQ overhauled, Overpow to top-lane… the free agency continues in the League e-sports world.

In other sports, the T-Wolves are looking good, despite the consistency issues. Whatever forces out there that can make Rubio hit that mid-range jumper, please make that a thing. He can become a true terror with an actual jumper.

Also, based on the excited typing I saw yesterday, I imagine that the Habs won… though what’s to say for sure?

edit: I’ll never hear the end of it from ilikefood; the douche. v3 in bot.

17 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch237”

  1. Good luck to your Twolves tonight. They’ll be going up against my Bulls.

    Also thanks for the work you guys do!

  2. Thank you guys!
    I hope this match will be quick I know, it will not…) because I hate Kanda and his team so so so much

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

    I noticed a little typo though, on page 118 (panel top-right) it says “makes THSE three”. It should be “makes THESE three” ;)

  4. Thanks a lot for the chapter! I’m really curious as to how Ei-chan will overcome his opponent this time… He will, right?

    LoL sidenote: Curse Piglet, yaay! Hope they break the curse of 4 this time…

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