Shinwa Ponchi Ch016

And as I promised, here’s another Shinwa Ponchi!

I heard that many people are concerned that the ending would be anticlimatic for this manga, since it was axed, and they feel the same would happen as with other manga of this author. I haven’t really read other manga from this author, but, without any spoilers, I would like to say just this: I think this manga has a nice ending, which is not anticlimatic. That said, it is just my own opinion, and you shall figure it out when we get to the end.

Now enjoy this funny and nice little chapter! ^.^

3 thoughts on “Shinwa Ponchi Ch016”

  1. thx! thsi story was intriguing from day one… I want to know how ends, so… THXTHXTHXTHXTHXTHXTHXTHX !

  2. Even though it was axed I never jump to conclusions when it comes to the quality of the ending. For one the only other series of hers I’ve read is Billionaire Girl, but she only did the art the story was from the guy who did Spice and Wolf.

    Also I’ve seen long running series’ with bad endings, so it’s not like length means a quality ending. As long as the author doesn’t have a ton of story lines left to be resolved in the short time they have to finish the series you can usually hope for at least a solid, if somewhat open in some cases, ending.

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