Baby Steps Ch236

As I completely spaced out last week, Ruggia’s been replaced. Having said that, say hello to VampireCat.

The NHL season has begun, and thankfully the Wild have started on a good note, beating the Avs twice in a home-and-home. Let’s hope the T-Wolves can start like that too (I mean, one can dream…).

24 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch236”

  1. TWolves got an athletic, young core team to go along with the creative, passing PG in Rubio so there’s going to be a log of highlights for sure.

    Also as a Blackhawks fan, good luck in the upcoming season and hopefully you’ll have a good playoff run.

  2. Hello Vampire Cat….
    (hmm….. a handle consisting of two creatures one has to be careful about inviting past one’s threshold…..!) I better leave it at a hello and thank you.

    And a tip of the hat to Ruggia for everything you have done for us.

  3. Thanks a lot for the release!

    Also: Hello VampireCat, and special thanks for the chapter for you!

  4. Hi ! Thanks for the chap !
    Somehow i feel like this time opponent isn’t as strong as the others, anyway thanks !

  5. Hello Vampirecat !

    I suppose you’re the same Vampirecat as the one at mangafox. Double thanks then, for translations and raw summaries ^_^

    And thanks everybody for the release :)

    1. +1

      Your raw summaries have been awesome for the unreleased chapters, hope that continues.

      Glad to know you are helping out on the english scanlation as well, really grateful.

  6. Thanks for the release, I can’t wait to see the trials and tribulations everyone will face this match!

  7. I was looking forward to this match… The Semi Fnals will be great ! Thanks for the release ! great job !

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