Baby Steps Ch235

It was a nice dream and the C9 vs. SSB were fairly close, meh. I can only imagine the reactions everywhere if C9 managed to pull the last game out and force a deciding game… Whelp, until next year.

Though the (staff) channel is probably going to get lively again with the hockey season starting… The Habs won against the Leafs, so there’s that to read. georgi and Lestat provide great color commentary at least. hahaha

edit: Forgot we changed TLer’s. Whoops.

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  1. For privacy reasons, I want to keep my name/info hidden. From what I understand, there’s still quite a bit of Baby Steps left to be translated. If that’s the case, I am more than willing to make payments per chapter to have them scanalated as quickly as possible. I’m like to work with Imangascans to get out as much as possible. Thank you for your time.

  2. Thanks guys!!!!!!!
    And I do think Ei chan will win the next match. Come on, the opponent is not an interesting character, he is an idiot to quit school and the team is just annoying.
    Sensei CANNOT let such an annoying team win, can he?
    Please please please tell me Ei chan will win =D

  3. Man this manga really pump me up every chapter !
    Things are beggining to really move for maruo and that great !
    Thanks for the chap boss !

  4. Whoo! Awesome chap! Thanks guys!
    Pls dont let that be a dream… Pls dont let that be a dream… And for gods sakes now that ei beat the tiger guy(cant remember name… Sugata?) he is going to breeze through this naxt one. Its just the finals that might be tough…..
    Oh and, pls dont let that be a dream, pls dont let that be a dream…

  5. wuu, feels like I need to wait for 20 chapters before reading this, arghsss. Now I’m pumped up to start joining tourneys again.

    C9’s shotcalling were much better than SSB, but you can only pull out the same trick so many times. Really need to brush up on their mechanics though

  6. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH, More Baby Steps! Gah I didnt really want him to be the next opponent to be honest. Not unless Maruo just wipes the floor with him. That would be awesome lol.

  7. Allright! Things are good for now, but that is just a glimpse of the future he can have….just the right amount of motivation so he can play his best tennis ever. The jump shot needs to improve and he still have a long way to go, but i think he can win this thing!

    Aaaaand thanks for this chapter! Still my favorite manga by far (i come to imangascans website at least twice a day to check for new BS chaps). Keep up with the great work guys!

  8. Hmm… on the one hand, Maruo has a lot of things going right for him right now. Almost TOO MANY things. I saw some “he is going to lose” flags going up for a while, but his reaction to thinking about all those things cleared those up a bit for me.

    Kanda on the other hand, if he is truly talking about quitting his school team just to go to America to play tennis, well that’s just asking for bad karma.

    Also, Natsu continues to be the most adorable character ever. Thanks for the release guys!

  9. You put two Canadians in one IRC channel and all they talk about is goddamn hockey. Can’t we get back to our regular topics of conversation, like the fight against global poverty, climate change, direction of the economy, and boobs?

    1. —Shaking head with profound pity—

      Ah the unenlightened, you probably even watch “football” that does not use a round ball, ah well….

  10. Wow man, I swear I haven’t felt this good about a manga for years when this ends it will for sure be one of best manga I ever read.

    So happy for Mauro right now, like everything is going well for him like literally EVERYTHING.. Ima just leave it at that don’t wanna jinx anything

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