Shinwa Ponchi Ch015


After 3 years we dropped this manga, we repicked it. Even though I say that, we have totally different members working on it this time – heck I don’t even know most of the people who worked on it 3 years ago. You may want to express your extreme gratitude to Azuma for this repick. He was the one who told us, this has only 6 chapters left, so we should finish it up.

So, have fun reading this new chapter, and (hopefully soon) we’ll be back with more~

13 thoughts on “Shinwa Ponchi Ch015”

  1. Oh wow!
    I know I loved this title, but I can hardly remember the story anymore. I’ve got some rereading to do.
    Thanks guys.

  2. I had faith and never moved this title to the on-hold or dropped list. Thanks for picking up Shinwa Ponchi again!!!!

    1. I had noticed that, and it gave me such hope!

      OMG OMG Oh Mythical Godlings and their Punches (???/Ponchi) or Ponchos (????/Ponchyo) or Cartoons or Caricatures (????/????/Ponchi-e)… Wait, what was that last one? Mmmaybe due to such images in “Punch (magazine), a former British weekly magazine of humour and satire” (as Wikipedia describes it)?

      Annnnnyway, I’m just spazzing with happiness over here! Thanks so very much!!!

  3. I was really sad when you dropped this project. I like SP very much! And I’ m glad you repicked SP – Thank Mr. Azuma-San!!!!

  4. time flies indeed
    i think i already forgot what this manga is about
    thanks for picking it up :)

  5. And here I am to express my gratitude to Azuma and you all!
    So I was waiting for the ending since 3 years? Time flies!

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