Baby Steps Ch234

CLOUD 9 MADE IT THROUGH THE BRACKETS. That’s really all that needs to be said. Now the road goes through the Korean Samsung Gauntlet.

Patiently waiting for the basketball season to start, but until then enjoy this chapter, because it was worth the wait. haha.

Edit: Go figure I forget the title. Going to go back to sleep.

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  1. BTW, after another six months Nyan Koi finally got a new chapter out in Japan. Will you guys continue the project?

  2. Thanks for the scanlation and upload guys!

    I looked at the raw for the chapter that followed after this so this might have set us up to be fooled folks. Since I can’t read Japanese, I’m really hoping I’m dead wrong and its not the scenario I have in my mind when the scanlations come out.

  3. This couple is so cute <3

    I like what this chapter is about. The author is familiar with anxiety before tennis matches. His ability to name the source of his anxiety and weave it into this story, is a commendable demonstration of his writing skills. :3

    Thank you for scanlating!

  4. Cute chapter! Thanks so much for all the hard work guys, you are all amazing for doing what you do!

  5. It HAPPENED. Amazing chap! Thanks a lot!! And people reading the comments before chap are VERY lucky. Nobody is mentioning the HAPPENING. Just one hint, its in the very last page.
    GO NATSUxEI!!!

  6. Oh man, this chapter might have actually killed me from it’s adorableness. This series is freaking amazing at ACTUAL realistic character development.

    Thanks for the release guys!

  7. Get some sleep :p
    Thank you very much for the post though, and this new chapter, so cute. Character progression FTW!

  8. UOW ! Big Surprise in this chapter… Cute chapter ! ! ! Thanks a lot ! Looking forward to the next match-up. !

    Thank you !

  9. What a cute and reffreshing chapter ! Great after that match ! Thanks for the chap ! o/
    that aside, how are you? fine i hope ! =) (i felt like asking xD)

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