Dethrone Ch016

And the story reaches its conclusion!

We picked up Dethrone a couple of years ago. I remember we had only recently finished Atori Shou (the first project at Imangascans where I was involved from start to finish, I believe) and wilcoxii, LordLestat and myself were suffering from curves withdrawal. Then wilcoxii posted some pic from this new online manga that the author of Atori Shou was doing… and we all jumped at it. LordLestat quickly coerced PROzess into translating it (no small amount of sexual favours involved, I’m sure) and the rest is history. Of course, Chaba-san did most of the translation, so his involvement shouldn’t be understated either, and let’s not forget the proofreaders who helped out along the way: Filmmoth and Kurumi, thank you! But most of all, thank you wilcoxii for bringing the series to our attention and making sure we released it to its completion. Here’s what wilcoxii had to say:

I enjoyed working on Dethrone, and sad that it ended so soon. I hope you all had fun on this journey with us.

So there you have it! Another finished project under our belt! Hope you enjoyed the ride. Till next time.

edit: correction, looks like we hadn’t finished Atori Shou yet, but hey, the withdrawal symptoms must have been there by then.

13 thoughts on “Dethrone Ch016”

  1. Thanks for your work in this manga, it ended too soon, that is a shame, the plot was not a masterpiece but the art and the fights were quite good, some authors could learn a little about making fight scenes with this manga.

  2. Thanks for finishing this, I was just wondering why the first 2 chapters of this volume were magazine raw, then it finished with the Tank?bon.

    1. O that makes sense, I actually prefer the tanks… do you have the first 2 chapters scanned? I would really like to try to make the chapters into tank edition.

    2. hm could you send in an application so that I can contact you via email?

  3. Damnit, it ended when it just started to get better! His other work Atori Shou ended in better note, sad to see this one was rush ended. Hope the author has better luck on next work!

  4. Wait, wtf? That’s all there is to it? What a weird and rushed ending… T.T

    Thanks for your hard work guys!

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