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Hi folks! Two things.

One, our dear Lycaons has retired due to personal reasons. He’s had a remarkable run with us, translating over 100 hundred chapters of DnA starting at chapter 128 back in October of last year. Thank you, Lycaons, and thanks to all the other staff who worked on DnA and made it all possible. With Lycaons retiring, though, we are left with no translator for DnA. Unless someone competent volunteers to take his place, the series isn’t really going anywhere.

Two, TDX seems to have picked up DnA. I’m really tempted to just leave him/them take care of the rest. So if we do drop it, just go bug TDX to bridge the gap of chapters.

So there you have it, DnA will most likely be dropped. I will release any remaining scripts to the public if I decide to go that route.

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  1. First of all, I’d like to thank you guys for all of the hard work you put in in Diamond no Ace!

    An idea I had was… now that Kuroko no Basket is done with, how about doing a joint with Akashi Scans to continue DnA? I know you guys used to work together in the past for KnB (so less potential for trust issues). Any chance of that happening?

  2. It is kind of an asshole move to do the future chapters. He should have just collaborated with imangascans to get ALL of the releases done.

    I already miss you guys! First it was LordLestat now Lycaons… Everyone is leaving… Come back…

    But thank you for all the hard work!

  3. Thanks for a great run on this title~

    Georgi, I dare you to drop all the titles and shut down the group. (*whisper*youknowyouwantto*whisper*) ;)

  4. That’s kinda sad to read know Georgi.

    I do hope someone would appear to help you and I hope you will not drop DnA eventually. Continuing the translation from where you stopped won’t make you an inferior translator than TDX (or bitches you said). You don’t have to prove anything anyway, right?

    I’m not sure but I smell some pride here as well but maybe I’m just misunderstanding you a little bit. But like eveyone has said, you all did great job translating DnA. You’re not bound to continue even if we force you, but we do appreciate if you can finish up to the untranslated parts. Thank you

  5. First of all, I would just like to say thank you very much for translating Daiya no Ace thus far. You guys are so awesome for that. I probably wouldn’t have gotten into the manga (no matter how good it is) if it wasn’t translated as well.

    Although at the same time, I wish that you guys would be more open to a joint collab with TDX. From what I understand from my reading, they seemed to have stepped on a toe or two from the translations that they’ve made of the recent chapters.

    I don’t fully understand the etiquette among translation groups though so I can’t really fully understand why something like that is so bad (especially since they’ve only chosen to translate more recent chapters). So my apologies if this comment sounds too ignorant. It’s just that its such a shame that a translation for this series will be put on hold again. I don’t understand why you can’t try to do a joint, at least. From what I’ve seen thus far of the translator of TDX, he seems to be really into the manga since he’s been providing translations on Mangafox for a long time now. And upon reading a comment on WordPress, it doesn’t really sound like they’re not up for a collab so maybe it’s worth a shot to try.

    Anyway, thanks again. I really do appreciate what you’ve done for us fans and I hope the best for your team and your group.

    1. Hi Yorunaka,

      Nah, your comment doesn’t sound ignorant; it’s a perfectly reasonable question. For a joint to work, there needs to be a certain amount of trust between the parties involved. I don’t know TDX, and I have no reason to trust him/her. I assume TDX feels the same way, or else he/she would have made contact with us already.

      The reason releasing v42 ahead of time can be a bit upsetting is that once we have caught up, there would be no point in us continuing with the release. This can have a negative effect on motivation. The only way to avoid that is to keep bridging the gap while also releasing chapters ahead of TDX, which I don’t necessarily want to do.

  6. so i went their website again to see if they were gonna keeping doing scans for DnA and it seems from the comments that the tdx guy isnt going to start the middle chapters until you guys officially drop it

    i dont know if it’s out of respect or to avoid stepping on toes but im still holding out hope that you guys find a tl’er

  7. Thank you for everything, you did an awesome job if it was not for your great work i would have never have knows about this great manga.

    It would be great if someone would pop up and help you continue it, but those things happen rarely so i wont have my hopes up.

    I wish you all the best with your other series and if you decide to pick it up at some point in time you can count on my moral support. :)

  8. This is going to take some time to register…

    Thank you Lycaons. I am so grateful for your work, and everyone else who worked on this series, I can’t start naming names or else I’ll leave someone out, but I love you all so much.
    Excuse me, I need to go grieve.

  9. Hey, Imangascans Staff

    I wanted to thank you ALL for doing marvelous work so fare. Its totally idiotic from other Staff to add out the last volume of DNA. They should rot in HELL for that.

    I would bet you all, that a lot of readers are angry for that not just you guys.

    So! I would really really “deeply” ask you to just ignore them continue your work on DNA – PLEASE

    You guys are the only one who done it so fare and it would be sad to abandon it.


    1. i dont think it’s much about them releasing the last volume as it is IMS not having a translator for DnA

  10. “Its like were their bitches or something”

    Hahaha How fragile is your ego that you see working together with someone as being subservient to them? Genius

    1. Well Freud, if this happened to me, I would have a fragile ego too. Specially after they went and pulled this stunt on me without even talking with me about it. I guess, you won’t understand how it is it for us scanlators if you yourself don’t try to work on titles and after 150+ released chapters on a title have someone release some future chapters (Cuz TDX have never ever done this crap before, right?) totally indicating that he wants to do it all himself.

      Then again we scanlators keep whining and complaining about this and that so it may sound like some fly buzzing in your ear. So don’t mind me. ;)

      Just remember that TDX is known for NOT doing the chapters in the chapter gaps. TDX only continues from where the future chapter is translated from. Example: Chihayafuru. (People are still waiting for those. I’m damn happy I read raws, muahahahahaha~ oh wait fragile ego…) TDX isn’t known for picking up dropped titles either. Sure TDX took up some dead titles but most are still picked up because he couldn’t wait on the groups. The ironic about this is that there are still damn many good titles which could be picked up instead of this crappy stunt which will always rub wrong on any scanlator group when it happens.

      But hey, if no one releases it, you can always learn Japanese yourself and read the titles like the rest of us, right? ;)

  11. wow this totally sucks, but thanks for doing this manga for this long anyways!

    the TDX guy doesn’t really seem interested in bridging the gap but says on his site that he will if you guys end up dropping it..

    i really hope you guys find someone to translate for DnA!

    1. man i remember when rycolaa first released like a few chapters of DnA but then i forgot about it..

      found baby steps and rediscovered this, you guys had a GREAT run

    2. rycolaa, now that’s a name that brings back some nostalgia.

      … I remember talking to the guy too back at AW. lolol

  12. Thanks for the effort guys, I would be nice if another translator came along. Thanks again!! ^_^ b

  13. They wont release the chapter in between (they only released summaries of past volume)

  14. Why don’t you guys ask for a joint, just for the bridge of chapters, you guys will edit it, and they’ll give the translations?

    1. Joints suck, especially considering that I don’t know these people. It won’t work. Plus what’s the point of bridging the gap if they’re gonna release the newer chapters anyway? It’s like we’re their bitches or something… No thanks.

    2. Who would want to do a joint with a group of that sort? If the gap isn’t filled, go complain to them. It’s their responsibility now.

  15. Whelp. It was fun, 5 months ride. Guess I will just focus even more on my moon and get to a level where I just don’t have to give a fuck about scanlation anymore. ‘Tis was fun, while it last.

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