Baby Steps Ch228

It’s weird to not have to upload the credits page since we’ve changed the layout (again) a bit. Overall, I’m very neutral about it… I think it’s the color scheme we have going on. *shrugs*

NA LCS Playoffs begin soon. Truth be told I’m hoping for CLG, C9, and DIG to get to worlds, but most likely it’s not going to happen. The Korean LoL Show that CLG was on is an interesting watch, as is the Chasing the Cup episode exclusive to CLG. Hopefully the practice results will show.

Other than that, still looking for a translator for DnA (I believe we still are anyway), so fire an application if you have time to spare & can put up with all of us (don’t worry, we’re harmless… except Kallamez. You get used to him though).

33 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch228”

  1. Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve applied to be a cleaner for this manga and I’ve yet to receive any reply. I’d like to know if my application went through. Thank you.

  2. Oh, the jump shot may not be working as well now… Go Ei-chan! Thanks very much again for the new chapter!

    1. Oh wow after reading the chapter I’m some what glad for the fast pace 3rd set. The 2nd set was amazing. GO MAURO GO

  3. Also, Christian-guy needs to stop with the metaphors. They’re getting dumber by the minute.

    1. I would assume/guess that 100 chapter gap was left out of respect for Imangascans. Normally it’s ********* to steal another groups project, but if you are starting 100 chapters away it sounds reasonable to me.

      Anyways thanks for the update guys.

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