Baby Steps Ch227

“O’ Captain my Captain.”

Points to those that understand the DPS reference.

Other news: We’re looking for a translator for Diamond no Ace. Here’s your chance to bug the living hell out of georgi. Do it.

32 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch227”

  1. I know I sound selfish .. but I would love if u speed up the process a little bit :(
    I’m thankful to all your hard work, and wish you all the best.

    1. I second Shah’s comment……but this series is addictive. Whenever I read a chapter I want more right now!

    2. Shah, as I stated above I’m very grateful for their work and I have no right to complain about it.. I’m sorry if I was rude or inconsiderate.. I think my excitement got the best of me :-)

    3. Woo-sah people, woo-sah.

      Text has no feeling, but the people typing do. Let’s not get over-zealous.

    4. D’accord. I would not want the scanlation teams to feel harassed in any way, but I also would not want Subarashii to feel flamed or censored over such a mild nudge. We all enjoy this manga and look forward to new chapters.
      Again, gratitude to iManga and an extra thumbs up to Joeshen for being so quick to ask everyone to chill. This is and hopefully will remain one of the most enjoyable forums I read.

  2. Wait….I tough it was the end of the match noooo ! There is another whole set i can’t take it ! xD
    Thanks a lot o captain my captain !

  3. Wow. This just gets better and better. Wonder if anyone (besides the animators, of course) knows how far the anime will follow the manga. Looks to me like it will need at least one more season! Thanks so much for providing the translations! GJ!

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