Baby Steps Ch226

I don’t even want to post this chapter without the next; like… even I feel bad at the end of this one. Oh well.

In other things, that injury to Paul George was even more gruesome to watch in person; hope all the best for him as he recovers. Kevin Love’s probably going to Cleveland, so I imagine my team this year isn’t going to be doing much. I’m hoping otherwise…

Watching CLG fall to 5th (and DIG to 6th) wasn’t fun either. While watching the CLG Subs (and reddit’s naming for them) was entertaining, I do wonder what’ll happen when they come back from Korean boot camp.

Finally, send good thoughts towards Seki as he recovers.

40 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch226”

  1. Thank you!!

    Ah guys, Shuukyuu Shoujo will end in the Good! Afternoon issue #47 (05/09).

  2. Haw man i’m going to die from that cliffanger ! xD
    Thanks ! Can’t thank you enought for all the work !

  3. Can’t take the wait must read next chapter!!!! Nah, Baby steps is one huge buildup so the outcome will be worth it. Thanks for the chapter!

    1. I would say something, but then I would be amazingly inappropriate.

      I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

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