Baby Steps Ch225

We’re chugging along here; my ultimate goal of Wednesday / Saturday releases fell straight through a hole. Sorry folks. Still trying to get back to that status, but it’ll probably be a little hectic.

In other news… The T-Wolves gave a one year to Hummel, who is solid contributor for the price they got him at. Little worried about GRIII’s chances at a roster spot though. In the NA LCS, a little bummed that CLG’s starting to fall in the standings, but I believe!!!

Finally, Rogday says hello… and gives us some thoughts:
<Rogday> georgi-kun is very dreamer?
<Rogday> joeshen, is very adventurer?
<Rogday> kallamez, is…?
<Rogday> i don’t know -_-
<Rogday> I’m like cmertb

That’s all I got; I’m making up for georgi’s lack of content in the post.

23 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch225”

  1. Damn I honestly expected Mauro to lose, and I would have been ok with him winning the recent match set game and then losing the next one, but with this rain and delay its forcing me to believe that Mauro can possibly win why else would the Author go so for for all these incidents? Well can’t wait for next chapter

  2. Thanks for the chapter! A new aspect again… I like it!

    Joeshen, you didn’t say a word about Dignitas. You already lost hope in them? That hype train seems to have slowly stopped…

    1. Well, anyone who’s not an LMQ fan can be nervous about his team’s future prospects…

  3. I won’t lie and say that I don’t miss the twice-weekly releases, but I’m most grateful for whatever pace you can manage to maintain (ideally once per week or better winkwink)

    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Thanks so much for a new chapter! Can’t wait to see what happens when the match resumes!

  5. Thanks for the release!

    Also, I’m sure it’s already been caught, but on page ten, Eichirou’s first text bubble reads “I was pretty focsed” instead of “I was pretty focused.” Just wanted to help out with that!

  6. No need yo worry about wednesday/saturday stuff: ONE release A WEEK (cough, cough) is enough!
    Kidding… Thank you!

    1. I didn’t check it as much as I wanted to, unfortunately. editing it, editing it.

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