19 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch235”

    1. I dont worry about baby steps… it has a schedule of wednesdays and Saturdays.. and if it doesnt come out, I have DA to fall back on.. now I dont even have that! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I will say: “They can’t wait for new chapters?
    Let them eat cake.”

    Just wait a little bit, please~

  2. help me… please help me… going through DA withdrawal… so painful… dont know how much longer i can last… tell my hamster that I love him…

  3. Fried rice for me. I just can’t eat noodles elegantly with chopsticks! Slurping so unladylike… Thanks for the release.

    1. Nonsense! Slurping noodles is a must regardless of gender! I blame the Itallians and their uncooth use of (*shudder*) forks for eating noodles. ?(???)?
      (>_O )

      ‘Course, I’m weird in that I almost always have chopsticks with me… and I love the strange looks I get when I take them out in an Itallian place and start eating pasta with them. But I’m a contrary bastard and enjoy making people uncomfortable like that.
      ?( ???)?

    2. Kallamez needs to learn how to stick-handle.

      Also, slurping unnecessary, just pickup bite size amounts at a go.

      And Tetsu-nii, if you ever want people to think you are strange, try eating a plate of chips (fries) with chopsticks. People’s reactions are hilarious.


  4. yay! thanks guys! the raws past vol 35 are impossible to find but it’s so much better to actually be able to read it! haha

  5. Master and disciple’s confrotations are always the best!
    I’m happy Sawamura is growing as a Pitcher!!
    Thaks a lot for the chapters!!!

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