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  1. Thank you so much! I actually don’t mind. The staffs all have lives and to me, if they want to release them every day go ahead or anytime! The daily manga release was awesome, but that was most likely because they had more time on their hands. I am just really thankful that they are still releasing the manga! Thank you so much!

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Just curious, but why did you guys choose that wording for “???”? Wouldn’t “idiot” be better to use?

  3. Can you guys settle on a release schedule instead of just releasing them as they are available? Having come to expect daily chapters, the past couple weeks have been jarring; anticipating a chapter all day only for it not to come, for days at a time even. I’m sure most of your fans wouldn’t mind if you went back to a weekly release schedule if it meant knowing when the next chapter will be released instead of wondering everyday if they’re getting a chapter.

    I hope this doesn’t make me come across as unappreciative b/c I’m not. Seriously, thanks for all the hard work w/ this series.

    1. Short Answer: Probably not.

      “Not as short” answer: Yes, we as scanlators understand the importance of a ‘consistent’ schedule, but at the same time we also want to release it when we’re done with it because we’re fans too, and we want others to enjoy it.

    2. We don’t have a schedule, and we will never have one.

      We already do what we can do, we try to be as fast as possible, but as human beings, it is a little difficult to conciliate everything. I work, study, (live?) and do other things on the net, let’s pretend there’s a hitch How could I follow the schedule? :p
      Isn’t it better to read a chapter whenever it is available? I think that this is the best for you readers (as to me, I already read everything, so…).

    3. I apologize that we made you expect daily chapters. No, we won’t follow a schedule.

    4. Well, you were releasing a chapter everyday for consistently for over two months… =P

  4. WHOOOO! The third years, I just love them so much, so glad they’re are still around, at least, to be included in these chapters. Can’t wait to see them kick the rest of the team in shape.

  5. now I saw miriallia… Does it mean this is daily? Hahaha.. nice to see yer name again miri,…:)

  6. is giant step ever coming back it awesome or is it channel because of copy right

    1. not aware of any copyright; there’s just no staff to work on it, as far as I’m aware.

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