Baby Steps Ch225

We’re chugging along here; my ultimate goal of Wednesday / Saturday releases fell straight through a hole. Sorry folks. Still trying to get back to that status, but it’ll probably be a little hectic.

In other news… The T-Wolves gave a one year to Hummel, who is solid contributor for the price they got him at. Little worried about GRIII’s chances at a roster spot though. In the NA LCS, a little bummed that CLG’s starting to fall in the standings, but I believe!!!

Finally, Rogday says hello… and gives us some thoughts:
<Rogday> georgi-kun is very dreamer?
<Rogday> joeshen, is very adventurer?
<Rogday> kallamez, is…?
<Rogday> i don’t know -_-
<Rogday> I’m like cmertb

That’s all I got; I’m making up for georgi’s lack of content in the post.