14 thoughts on “Soul Catcher(S) Ch020”

  1. there is a manga called illegal rare but there is not group to translate it so I am asking you if you can translate it because it is amazing manga. thank you

  2. Anyone know where I can get the first chapter of this series?
    Also thanks for the chapter.

    1. available for reading at http://www.mangapanda.com or http://www.mangainn.com (they seem to be affiliated)

      Note that Manga Panda posts many mangas by other teams and watermarks them with their own logo. Not nice!
      The original scanlator MangaBurn has requested that their chapter 1 scanlation only be posted on the above two groups, but it may be available on one of the download sites if you look for it.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess we’re not getting Baby Steps today?

    (This manga does look interesting though, I might give it a go.)

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