12 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch226”

  1. Thank you so much for the scanlations!! Brightens my sleepless nights. ;(
    I’m quite pleased with the developments, this is usually quite a happy go lucky manga so it’s nice to see some proper conflict between the characters. I like the direction the manga’s taking. I’m already anticipating seeing Furuya get full of himself right up to the moment Sawamura snatches the ace number from his back. Wasshaaa!

  2. wow georgi, you are a kpop fans? haha///no offense
    but the video is… hillarious, my boss has to wack up my head to snap out of it, laugh too much hahahaha
    what’s the point with the video and this chapter?
    i cant bring myself to work agaaainn.. //hahaha

    yaaay~ yuki is here, ” ??????????” on the last page…
    is this a turning point for Seido? not just for the boys…

    seeing Tanba crying.. makes me wonder, why the mangaka not drawing him more emotionally from the 1st time but now… WHYYYYY

    again! THANK YOU! for the daily dna scans! lovely days!

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