16 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch225”

  1. Thank you so much for the daily dose!
    I am so evil >.> I kind of like it that Furuya did kind of bad. I’m so mean!! I really do like him but >.< ahaha I hope Eijun get to pitch and Kawakami do well as well!!
    Maybe it is just me, but I feel that Furuya got kind of cocky. Miyuki was like to him, are you trying to play by yourself, look around you. He was like oh i know that but I want to do much better…but in a way, isn't that playing by himself?

    I agree with shirou Ryuu! Tanba was the person with the number 1, I can't see Furuya with it, Eijun maybe one day but not now…

  2. Thank you for the daily Dna!
    Wow, the staff is really working hard!
    Sawamura will be the Ace! And those two journalists will write all the trajetory at the end of the manga (I hope so)! i.i Good Luck Eijun-kun! (and Furuya also)

  3. Thank you, I wake up and see dna here and just had to read it before leaving.

    Furuya’s performance kind of blew me, it was just like with Sawamura, he tried to do more and he flopped. I like Furuya but him being the ace just didn’t sit right with me, (fat man can go die) and it looks like things are looking up for Sawamura.

  4. 12 hour day at work and I come home to DnA. Thanks for the one bright spot in my day.

  5. YAY!!!
    Its noon at my country, what are ya guys doin daily? You have to take care of your body staffer!
    but thank you!!
    for the story, i–.. i also hate when furuya is down T_T”
    he’s so random i cant hate him, but i cant see his back with “1” ace number… WHY!!! i want to see Tanba forever ace,

    dang, train of feels once agaaaain… ///my boss seems to know my whimpers, hargh

    lastly! THANK YOU~ ganbareee staffer!

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