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  1. thank you for the new chapter! going to keep waiting a bit more and then will read in one swoop!

  2. thanks guys! the people who are mad at furuya being op and sawamura being useless are going to be very happy soonish

    1. And Kazuya :P
      Don’t forget that he is the one who brought Chris because he is too “embarrassed” to teach to Eijun himself…
      (sigh) Miyuki T__T

      When we think about it, he was present in all steps to help Sawamura to grow as player.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! A fasting pace as ever!
    DnA is one of the sports mangas that makes me cry
    Good Luck, Eijun!

  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    That new coach is already looking down on the players, I have a feeling that if he had his way all of them would be replaced. Why does coach Kataoka have to leave?

  5. Get some sleep and eat something healthy georgi!!
    Thanks for the hardworks!
    for the story, i was like holdin my breath all the way till the end, and ‘yokattaaaa’… miyuki and chris, coach too~ there’s many people worried about Eijun, :”’D the story is too good, i want to cry but i cant :/ still working

    ill laid and cry at home

    lastly! Thank you for the hardworks! please take care of your body staffer! ganbareeee!

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