Daiya no A Ch223

Daiya no A Ch223

Another DnA chap~ And sided, not sure if we can maintain a daily pace. There was a break over the weekend since I was away, but in general it would largely depend on the availability of staff to work on it. As long as we can average more than one a week, I’m happy.

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  1. new chapter :3~ is here, thank youuu guys
    im so busy these days with works and blah /// i keep sleeping like a log and reading to much daiya no ace doujinshi on pixiv hehe
    /////insert kyaaaaa emoji here,
    im literally ‘kyaaa’-ing in my cubicle hahaha, its a long time chris-senpai!! and miyuki is being ‘miyuki’ like always :D

    once again! big thanks staffer! thank you for this new chapter! a great way to start a long day !

  2. thank you for the new chapter! going to store and read it later. once Sawamura is back :'(. it hurts a lot when one of my fav characters suffers like this…

  3. I believe both Chris and Miyuki are trying to help Eijun on their own way (although Miyuki seem to be very blunt)
    But I’m really anxious to see Eijun’s grownth!

  4. I love like everyone is happy to see Chris-sempai and boasts how he is “useful” and “perfect” compared to Miyuki while nobody knows the truth…
    I can’t wait to see the reaction of everyone to the next chapter (laughs)

    Miyuki is not so unmoved by what happens to Eijun as everyone thinks.

    1. :O, you know what going on infront, damn i want to be able to read raws ;( , if i knew that id need japanese when i was a kid i would have tried to study it somewhere :D.

    2. Trust me Eust, it’s nt so good to be in time with RAW… The last chapters are so… mean T___T
      I feel like dying between each chapters !

  5. Chris senpai!! <3 I love how he is still helping and watching over Eijun : D

    Thanks for the chapter!

  6. Chris! Chris! He’s our man, if he can’t do it nobody can! Yay! (that just ran through my head after reading the comments. Hahaha)

  7. Both catchers have their own approach to deal with his yips. Miyuki just have this unorthodox while Chris gives him the soft approach…

  8. I just love Chris. Get Eijun out of this funk! So frustrating having to read Furuya no Ace. Also I feel like the fat coach was just testing Coach Kataoka.

  9. Chris to the rescue! If anyone can get through to him it’s Chris. Thanks for the release.

  10. Thank you guys!! Ah…it seems that Soul Catcher(s) will be transfered from Shonen Jump to Jump Next… :0

    1. Nooo. Where did you get that news from? Got the link? Is it just a special chapter on Jump Next or forced to end (like Nurarihyon no Mago)?

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