17 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch222”

  1. I played baseball for the very first time on Saturday with my roommate and his friend. It takes some mad skills to catch a ball; I understand Sawamura’s banzai pose on a deeper level. XD

    Thanks a lot guys! (btw, baseball is fun, I have bruises to show for it!)

    1. that fattie make me wanna read the raw manga… like errrghhh! i hate him :”'(

  2. thanks guys~!
    its still hurts to see ’18’ on eijun back, and i cant watch the anime either cuz i knw they gonna lose :/
    and im still crying for real, thinkin all third year didnt winning the tournament :”'(
    once again! thanks for the hard work!!

  3. I don’t like the fattie either :( Eijun has a lot of potential. He been through a lot and is trying to become better. Isn’t the will to become stronger good? :( He needs to prove him wrong!!!

    Thank you for the chapter!

  4. thank you for the new chapter. I haven’t read the recent chapters yet — I’m waiting for the chapter where Sawamura comes back before I resume :'(

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