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  1. This manga really frustrates me cause it seems like Sawamura always gets the short end of the stick. While Furuya has pretty much no faults besides stamina it seems /:

    1. I agreed with you! Furuya has no faults or hard ships so far. Well some but they are minor >..< He has all these faults and everything happens to him, like seriously :( I keep saying that these faults are suppose to make him stronger than Furuya but its hard to when everything happens to him!

      Thank you so much for the chapter! i am a new reader and just got into it!

    2. It’s just storytelling. Few people like perfect protagonists. Many like uphill battles. It’s a story about one pitcher’s struggles to becoming the ace, one such struggle is seemingly perfect rival teammates.

  2. It’s nice to see you put quotes into things; I feel like I’ve contributed to this change.

  3. God damn, it freaking hurts to see #1 on Furuya..

    Can’t wait for the day Sawamura makes his comeback..

  4. wow! after train of feels since vol 23, i cant wait to see how sawamura cope and recover, its a long road i know.
    In my mind, i have a lil disappoinment toward the mangaka, how he make me love the third year and began to hope they’ll win and enter koshien.
    and for Joeshen, if you ever meet me in RL, you’ll change your mind because i look and act like sawamura haha
    lastly! thank you for daiya no ace ch 221! big thanks!
    let me enjoy this feeling again ^w^//

    1. Wrong Tetsu, though then again it would seem nobody cares about our staffer who “lovingly” proofread this for you… lolol.

      Sorry Tetsu, if it helps I care for you.

    2. hahaha really? well thank you staffer and you to Joeshen!
      well you sound like miyuki haha

    3. Sorry Tetsu, if it helps I care for you.

      ( _)

      No. [insert GrumpyCat img of your choice]

      Yeah, all delays are my fault. Sorry, folks, R/L busy-hectic (not to mention high-stress). So any complaints, send ’em my way.

    4. aaaah.. hhahaha so it tetsu-staffer lol
      sorry! its okay to take your time! no need to rush, :D
      saaa! fighto!

  5. Thanks a lot, appreciate all your work on this manga. Just waiting for the links to come up :p

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