Baby Steps Ch222

!creditsI would like to remind people that I did say that there was the potential that we may or may not release a chapter last Saturday, simply due to logistics. The same continues for this until further notice really, just because logistics is a fun word to say.

Anyway, here’s the new chapter. The biggest question of them all: what was the large cheer at the end of the last volume?! That and the question of whether or not I post on Saturday will honestly be forever a mystery. lol

Sidenote: I believe Spurs in six, but more confusing is my team’s new coach is also the President of Basketball Operations… not a bright idea at all. Other than that, the DIG hype-train is real, hopefully CLG can climb higher in the standings. hahaha.

30 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch222”

  1. saturday is tomorrow, my hear beats in anticipation of the release… fingers cross

    1. Picking up a new manga is very low on our priority list, even more so when it’s still being scanlated…

  2. Wow that was a great chapter ! Eiichiro is really progressing in this match ! Thanks for the hardwork you really are the best for all these trad !

  3. ARG! I need more! This damned manga is addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks guys, fantastic work as usual =D

  4. Yeah, I think you’ve got be awful sure about a guy to let him be coach and POBO. But Van Gundy is tops.

    1. I was hoping for Sam Mitchell personally; I think he’s understated in the world of basketball coaching minds.

  5. The second question will be answered Saturday. The first, when we get a chapter that explains it.

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