Baby Steps Ch221

So yeah, didn’t release a chapter on Saturday, sorry ’bout that. Internet died… cause of Wildstar. (b^^)b *cough*… Anyway, here’s the final chapter for the volume!

Also, just a minor heads up that the next chapter may or may not be released this coming Saturday, just because it’s going through the final touches of being cleaned. We’re still gunning for the Wednesday/Saturday releases though, so no fears. (b^^)b

Finally, some random thoughts including relief that the DIGNITAS hype-train is pretty damn real right now (wish I could say that for CLG) and the standings are pretty close, eh? NHL and NBA Finals are also starting, but since the Wild aren’t playing for the Cup I’m not as interested in hockey anymore. Meh.

That’s all, enjoy the chapter.

(sidenote: It’s alright georgi, I’ll be weird and write a whole post.)