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    1. Our charcoal loader had to go to the bathroom to take a dump and he stuck in toilet. And we still weren’t able to unstuck him. Just like in that South Park episode.

  1. tenk you beri machi. :)

    also, wondering if you guys are still scanlating Last Inning?
    if not, T.T
    if yes and just taking a temporary break

    1. well…. i send to “APPLY” … so… sorry? jajaja. do you have other e-mail were we can talk? or well, you can see my e-mail now. tanks

    2. it didn’t go through. try the apply form again, or PM me on the forum or something

  2. I do not know why but they blame things on Miyuki not being helpful at this time. I do not see how he’s being useless. *I just read some comments…>.<*

    1. Maybe being awesome is a problem for someone.
      Miyuki is the best captain that Seido could have.

    2. For the best captain to strongly recommended Miyuki must mean he’s at his level…. :) Anyway, Thanks Miri… >.<

    3. I understand your feelings, Lycaons, and I thought the same thing just some months ago Now I really can’t think anything different than Miyuki being the best for Seido~ (Though Tetsu is Tetsu, of course!)

      Don’t thank me, MiyukiKazuya, I really hate people that say stupid things like that. If all the characters like Miyuki are useless, then this series would be a perfect *censored*. That’s my point of view. (?????) ?

  3. Thank you for the scanalation!
    Poor Sawamura…I don’t like seeing him so down :(

  4. Narumiya Mei *-*
    I missed you T-T (I’m probably the only one who love him XDD)
    Btw, I wonder if Mei will have fairly competent catcher. He is gifted, but if his catcher doesn’t think for Mei(because sometime, he is impulsive and face up to batters without think… like with Tetsu), they will lose quiclky…

    I can’t wait the next volume :P

    Thanks for your work ^^

    1. You’re not alone. ?

      Anyway, the main problem is not the catcher (poor Itsuki)… The problem is Mei himself. You will surely know more about in the future! ?

    2. You’re not alone x2

      Totally unrelated, but I can’t wait for Seido vs. Inashiro in anime. And hopefully we’ll have more chapters translated soon.

      Thanks for another volume!

    3. Inashiro is my 2nd favourite team after Seidou. And half of my favourite Inashiro players are still on the team. ^_^

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