13 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch217”

  1. thank you! i think i’ll dl for now and read later.. i feel so bad for Sawamura

  2. thanks guys! damn allowing 3 runs to score on a single wild pitch, he was totally out of it

  3. Thanks guys!

    Should have known it was too good to be true when Sawamura pulled himself out of his slum so quickly. A wound that leaves a scar will never fully heal.

  4. Man!! i hate that part of history!!
    one dead ball on body! nobody get injury!! and the kid get mentally disturbed!
    Ahhh came on!!

    1. Yep too cowardly for his character. That dead ball was because he was careless, his not so good control and too much power. He wasted the summer training. No wonder coach considers him just a relief pitcher (which the coach is being generous since he is not reliable at all). I guess it will take time before I like him again.

  5. Hi. I appreciate the daily update. The DnA Chapter 217 doesn’t have a link. Can you please fix it? Thanks.

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