Daiya no A Ch216

Daiya no A Ch216

Any Adachi fans out there? I’ve been watching Touch these days, and I love it. Already read it a couple of years ago, but I’ve forgotten most of it so it still feels refreshing to watch it hahah.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I love Touch!!!

    My top 4 Adachi Baseball manga:
    1 – Cross Game
    2 – Touch
    3 – H2
    4 – Mix

    1. the yips is an actual thing

      but its a bit of a spoiler if you havnt read ahead.. just looks like he doesnt control in this chapter

      the yips is also one of the worst things ever.. its weird how something psychological and not physical can be so career ending

  2. Thanks for the release. I am going to stay positive, it wouldn’t be DnA without Sawamura so I assume somehow things will work out. Adachi writes great stories with good characters!

    1. There should be raws around on the Internet. Some of them have gutters and are unusable for scanlation, but should be ok for reading.

    2. found a torrent with v1-35, did have to search in japanese though, worth it! thanks

    3. I could spoil the latest chapter and incur the wrath of every DnA fan under the sun. :P

    4. @lycaons I already spoil myself in mangafox and now, I want die… I can’t wait next release T__T
      It’s just so… >~<

    5. haha i had to read to vol29 until i could stop myself..

      cant wait until sawamura is op, which i assume is happening in the latest chapters

    1. i dont even think its over for him to grow from yet haha.. what a total collapse, even kawakami wasnt this bad

    2. Eijun is still a first-year student, so don’t worry, he just has to grow~

      And Nori… Well, you’ll see in the future. >x<

  3. I’ve read almost everything Adachi has done. I think I’ve only watched Cross Game, though.

  4. Well, Ive seen a lot of adachi works.. all good..:)

    But DnAce’s the best..:)

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. Yeah, Touch’s good, but I had only read it, so I don’t know how good the anime is.
    Anyway, thank you very much for the chapter.

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