Baby Steps Ch217


Teemu Selanne retired yesterday… that’s really all I got to say about that. In other news, Braum is OP as balls it’s absolutely hilarious… Really, just hilarious.

Oh, and here’s some Baby Steps.

22 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch217”

  1. Ei-chan’s in trouble, big trouble. I wonder how he is going to overcome this? This is going to be fun… Thanks as always for a new chapter of Baby Steps! Imangascans rocks!

  2. Thank you for the release! I cannot wait until the next chapter. This tennis match with Ogata is getting pretty intense. I’m excited to see what Maruo can come up with to counter Ogata’s pretty mean one hand and two hand backhanders. 3:

    1. Manly* anyway thanks for the chapter, i feel like Ei-chans gonna win in a dumb way, which i really hope doesn’t happen.

  3. This series is beautiful and really lives up to it’s name “baby steps” and one of the most realistic sports manta I’ve read. The author made the protagonist build up from scraps and developing him little by little. GOOD WORK and THANKS FOR THE RELEASE! MORE POWER.

  4. Wow cool chapter ! Big challenge for eiichirou hope he will win ! Thanks for the chapter ! doing really great job here!

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