21 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch210”

  1. Missing Diamond No Ace already :D, can’t wait for the next chapter … come back soon guys ^_^

  2. You deserve a break and I need to put my blood pressure stable. The game makes me excited…:)

  3. It looks like they are setting a trap or they are just using the game to measure the new seidou. They are not serious.

  4. thanks guys! i dont think anyone doubts you guys deserving a break!

    A bit of a nitpick though, todoroki flied out, didnt strike out on 3 pitches

  5. Awesome chapter, I hope how furuya’s acting kicks Sawamura into gear, thank you as always, take a break!

  6. yo guys thanks so much. dun want to make anyone feel offended, but when is last innign going to be up ?? thanks

  7. Thanks :D
    You’ve been running for so long, stopping for a bit of a breather can’t do too much harm. Otsukaresama :)

  8. Thanks for the chapter! Please rest as needed! No need to wear yourselves out! Thanks again!

  9. Guys. Breaks are totally okay. The only thing I’m worried about is that you’re all working so much that you’re going to burn out and take like a several-month break from scanlating *anything*. Take all the small rests you need, seriously :)

    1. D’accord. I was even concerned a while back when Miriallia disappeared from the credits a while back that you had already burned her out. I really appreciate the group’s efforts on our behalf and hope that you pace yourself.

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