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  1. thank you for the new chapter. i was going to say a Grandfather Clock, but then the previous commenter says hourglass, which makes better sense to me..lol

    1. You are right and wrong. Atomic clock would “technically” be the good answer, since you know… atoms lol. But yeah, hourglass will do xD

    2. An atomic clock uses electron transition frequency to measure time; it doesn’t actually push atoms around. It’s measuring the electromagnetic signals (usually in the microwave spectrum, if I understand correctly) emitted by electrons. Because this is an energy-based reaction, given what we now believe about the quantum properties of the electron cloud, it’s a bit misleading to say that it has many “moving parts”. In fact, only radiaton and electricity needs to “move” as part of the trigger and sensing mechanism, so the measurements involved do not involve mass.

      If you really want to get as pedantic as to say “but the electrons are still *moving*!”, then I will respond that the electrons in a sundial are all moving just as much, and because sundials are often larger than atomic clocks, they can be said to have more moving parts. In fact, I suppose this definition of yours would give Big Ben (the whole clock, not just the bell) as having the most moving parts, most likely.

      Basically, I think that unless you want to measure the mass of a timepiece, an hourglass was truly the greatest answer to this question.

  2. A digital clock?
    I love how we didn’t have to wait 40 chapters before getting to see another match-up of these two (3?) again. Thank you as well!!!

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