Baby Steps Ch215


Okay, so I think the website is starting to like me. I imagine it hasn’t figured out that I’m not really LordLestat or georgi yet… *knocks on wood*

Also, say hello and thank you to Law, Seki, and Perry these last few chapters; they’ve done an awesome job. And if you have a friend named Adrian you should ask him (loudly),”Yo man, where’s the team?!”

(edit: Thanks to those for pointing out the missing page; turns out file was corrupted.)

26 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch215”

  1. If Ogata is supposedly on a similar level to Ike, Maruo is going to be in for a tough battle from now. Maybe this early break will prove crucial, hmm. Anyway, thanks so much again for a new chapter, you all at Imangascans are awesome!

  2. Thnx for the chapter!
    With regards to the playoffs, do you think San Antonio will sweep Portland.

    1. San Antonio in six, Portland’s too talented to get swept, but too inexperienced to beat out a Pop-coached team.

  3. Hello thank you everyone!! Ogata is such a laid-back type of players, it’s really quite amusing!!

  4. Thanks a lot. Just one thing : the title may be wrong, it seems to be “Recursion” according to contents.

    1. … why yes, you are right.

      Hopefully the website likes me enough I can change that.

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