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  1. I like the new coach, thank you! What’s an OB coach? Also what do the batting averages mean? Like Harucchi’s said something like, “21-12 .. .571,” and Miyuki’s was, “22-6.. .272.” How do they compare to each other?

    1. OB coach means a coach who is also an alumnus.
      The first number is the number of times they bat.
      The 2nd number is the number of hits they get.
      Therefore for Harucchi’s 21-12, it means he was at-bat for 21 times and managed 12 hits.
      The 3rd number is the batting average. How often are they able to hit when they are at-bat. For Harucchi, there is a .571 chance for him to hit. (He hits 12 times out of 21 at-bats).
      The higher the batting average, the better. Harucchi is the highest Yay! If a batter has at least .300 he’s good, if he gets .400, that’s really high.

    2. Oooooh, thank you! I read somewhere that getting above .400 isn’t very common, but maybe that was for professional baseball?

    3. Usually the stat-line for at-bats is “12/21” or “6/22” so that the numbers .571 or .272 make more sense visually.

      In MLB you’re basically considered a god-tier batter if you can end the season at .400. Top MLB batters average at about .320 to .340 just because of the number of games played & the number of times they’re at-bat. It’s still really good though, if you look at those numbers it still means in a single game they’re hitting the ball and getting on base at least once; insane when you think these are 85-95 mph balls they’re trying to see and hit.

      In high school averages fluctuate a lot more (usually it’ll go anywhere from .200 to .450), so Harucchi’s BA is absurdly good.

    4. Thank you for clearing that up for me guys (I use the term with no gender presumptions). I’m from the UK, so I really only know baseball from manga/anime.

  2. First of all thanks for your hard work and fast releases!
    Secondly can anyone tell me what do they mean by an OB?


    1. Oh ok! thanks for the enlightenment.
      Humm things are getting pretty interesting.

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