5 thoughts on “Last Inning Ch189”

  1. Just attempted to read good ending and felt i needed to thank the scanlators personally for causing my eyes to bleed. I can’t wipe my ass with your god awful scans. The worst part is that you included the non altered title page a bunch of times and it looks 5000% better than the filtered garbage you did to the rest of the series. Can you teach me how you master such levels of stupidity as a group no less? did you all sit around and agree to make the scans as bad as you could possibly get them to look? do tell. Garbage group.

    Oh have a nice day.

    1. It has been our pleasure to offer you our distinguished services for Good Ending and shall you ever wish to learn these skills, we would be happy to be oblige on teaching them to you, but it requires a lot of talent and practice and you might or might not be suited to learn all that we have to offer. As for a group skill, we offer seminars on how to become gifted like us, with activities like support groups, trust games and the likes. As for your bleeding eyes, they are probably due to overexposure to your computer screen thanks to the insatiable need to finish reading Good Ending, so I could recommend to you a doctor. As for cleaning yourself up with it, it is fortunate that you can’t use the scans as such, because they weren’t design to be used that way and they take a digital form, which would be hard to use and the eventuality of you printing them, using a sheet of paper is not the solution, because from what I’ve heard, they can be quite rough on this region of the body and you might cut yourself and we wouldn’t want that to happen to a future prospect of our benevolent group.

      Thank you for your time, in hope that our Lord and Savior Cthulhu enlighten you on the righteous path of our Scanlation prowess and have a nice day.

    2. I think you should have some relax when you’re drunk, boy. Instead of writing such things to people that work hard for us as better as they can, you know.

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