Baby Steps Ch214


I’ve come to the conclusion that the webhost hates my location and refuses to cooperate with me like it does with LordLestat; maybe third time’s the charm.

On the bright side, Wild won 4-0 yesterday. (b^^)b

18 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch214”

  1. All my coworkers were very happy with the Wild’s win all of us on the overnight crew of walmart are rooting for them

  2. wow this new speed is crazy! I LOVE IT! keep up the good work and thank you very much

  3. Wohoo! Thanks a lot! Does that mean you want to give us two chapters a week?:D (Maybe this way the match will end in a couple of months:P)

  4. LOVE this manga! Thnx for the chapter. On another note, are you supporting Indiana for the playoffs?

    1. Unfortunately my constant support for the T-Wolves is ending in failure and my Taiwanese self cannot accept Houston exiting out in the 1st round; thus I have no team for the playoffs anymore.

      If anything at this point I’m probably rooting for the Spurs; Indiana I feel won’t make it there with the current Hibbert; man needs to be more proactive on the boards.

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