Daiya no A Ch200

So, I wanted to release 2 chapters today to reach chapter 200! Nothing special made for that chapter in the manga though, but you can see everyone getting pissed off by Inashiro.

Anyway, enjoy these 2 new chapters!

22 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch200”

  1. Thank you !

    A little mistake p12 : it’s Seihou not Seidou (unfortunately).

    1. Whoops, my bad. This mistake is on me. So many Seidou and suddenly one Seihou popped out. :P

    1. Seidou should’ve won. That Inashiro coach stuck-up-chin-up-everyone-is-below-me look really annous me and I want to see that crumble.

  2. Thanks so much! It’s like the special prize in a box of oatmeal (there’s no prize in oatmeal boxes).

    On top of an awful cold and an oceanography exam in four hours, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me~! Thanks guys!

  3. I think i might be a little confused, i thought Koshien was 1 game, i guess thats what i gathered from manga/anime but i guess they always stop when they make it to koshien lol.

    Anyway thank you for the release!

    1. No, what they played before (seidou) was a qualifier for Koushien, which is a tournament in itself. Basically they qualify through each prefectures and the winners of each prefecture meet up in koshien for the big prize.

    2. Yeah I used to think that too, I don’t think I’ve seen a single manga/anime about actual “Koshien”. I believe in you Seidou! Please take me there!

    3. Baseball manga usually goes in the order of
      1. trying to get into Koshien
      2. power up + level up
      3. Actually getting into Koshien
      4. power up + level up
      3. Winning Koshien \o/

      If Koshien is the only thing featured, this cuts out an insane amount of power-ups and struggles to get into Koshien. Imagine if DnA features this year’s Inashiro. :D

    4. Ah that makes sense, i just always thought there was just north and south for some reason(blame cross game) haha thanks for the explanation

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