Baby Steps Ch213


… yeah, I messed up the reader for 212. My bad. Let’s try this whole “posting” thing again…

(edit: *sigh* … Still working on it. Yes, the reader link might not be functioning properly right now. Sorry folks.)

24 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch213”

  1. Yay for another new chapter of Baby Steps!! Thank you very much to everyone at Imangascans for your fantastic work on this brilliant manga!!

  2. thanks for the new chap guys :) this is going to be 1 hell of a fight for e-chan lol

  3. Ei-chan’s mother has been to one game and she’s an expert of spectator etiquette? Thanks for the release.

  4. Yay! Thanks! So many chapters done recently!
    And at the end of every chapter, I’m like MOAAAR~~ XD

  5. It works now! Thanks so much, and don’t worry about the minor little issues!

    1. Thanks for the quick fix!! :D Love this manga so much, so glad it got an anime too… I stay awake every saturday night waiting for the next episode xD

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