Baby Steps Ch212


Greetings folks, I’m joeshen. You may have seen me around…

Either way, this release was delayed a bit as I was dealing with some family issues involving last-minute plane trips and what not, but that’s been resolved so on to the next chapter and the new volume!

Also, congrats to the Habs and all… but GO WILD~!!

34 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch212”

  1. Thanks guys ! You are doing great as always ! I love how the dad seems ultra pumped up ! xD

  2. (go Bruins! … actually I don’t care, I hate sports :P But I *do* live in Boston)

    1. Yes, I realize how weird it is that I read lots of sports manga when I don’t like real-life sports. But when reading sports manga you don’t have to deal with the rabid fans that would literally tip over cars because their team lost (or won!).

    2. My sister lives in Boston too; I’ve been giving her a ton of crap about the Celtics lately.

  3. Thank you for the release! I hope everything with your family is okay! That must have been tough! Thanks for your hard work!

    1. thank you for the release , is it the release that was supposed to come tommorow ? or will tomorrow we will get another chapter?

  4. Is it just me? Or does anyone else have same problem that I can’t open past page 2??jw

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