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  1. When I am finally able to access this website, this page is full of comments from readers devastated with the loss. I share the same sentiment. Don’t worry guys. Just keep reading~

  2. This is cruel. Very heartbreaking.

    Anyway, thanks for delivering this chapter to us guys!

  3. Dammit! Now Seidou will be without Tetsu next year. If only they have Raichi, then second year Seidou will be more than ok. Most likely, Furuya would be promoted to be cleanup. Sawamura still has his dead eyes. Kawakami, despite being useless, would probably become the ace.

  4. This is the typical sports manga storyline. They lose their first year, rebuild 2nd, and finally win through in their 3rd. Not really a surprise. I mean, Adachi has been pulling the same thing for 30 years. Would have been nice to see them actually win in their first year, but this really is what I’ve been expecting.

  5. Thanks for the chapter guys! unfortunately this is how most sports mangas go, a bit clichéd at this point

    I really like how they made sure all the rookies were to blame for the loss: the HBP by sawamura, the offline toss for the force by kominato, even furuya had a suspect route in the outfield, “learning moments”

    Cant wait to see how they bounce back though! Really sucks that kawakami couldnt get one out, then again, his character always seemed like the useless type

  6. don’t give up yet!! they still have one more inning to win runs back!!!… no…? :(

    1. No they already had their 9th inning at bat. I get why you are confused though since they drew an inning out for like an entire volume I think….

  7. Oh man, I’m gonna miss Tetsu…I’m hate how every sports series is doing this storyline. They come super close but lose in their first big tournament, then comeback stronger next time and win. At 190 chapters, it’ll take forever to get to the next climax.

    1. I think the main difference is that usually the ‘seniors’ are around the next tournament around, and that’s how they make a comeback with the more experienced newbies and the seniors that make up the core of the team. The 3rd years are going to leave a mahoosive gap in Seidou, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they overcome that.

  8. Thanks. That end was expected since the deadball. It’s cruel and I hope Sawa will beat the shit out of Narumiya in his 2nd year.

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