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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    Is it really allowed to substitute a player (as a pinch-runner) with an other who is already in game ?

    1. So it’s a courtesy runner. (which is forbidden in MLB but apparently not in our case).

      Thanks, dude.

    2. The MLB does allow pinch-runners, but they’re usually reserved for injury situations.

      The usage of pinch-runners is stupid low simply because the rules state that once a person is used as a pinch-runner that unless they are taking the field in the next half-inning (on defense) then they are ineligible to return to the game.

      Though to your point, you are right in that the MLB doesn’t allow courtesy runners. It’s only because courtesy runners had the option of going back into game to play a position or even to sub-in running again.

  2. thanks for the chapter guys!

    obviously the main character cant have much progression if he doesn’t face “trials”, why cant they just it all haha

    im guessing there is going to be some play-in game for them after this, if not, its gonna be a long training arc

  3. Even with this pressure, etc., explanation. I can’t help but feel disappointed with Sawamura. The situation needs him to be tough, and he broke down. And I believe that the Koshien chance go down with him (Kawakami is worse than Tanba, he won’t get an out against Inashiro in the last inning). I know that he is first year but he’s also main character, he’s supposed to beat the odds.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. rookie pitcher, trying to close out a one run lead, trying to make it to the promised land (koshien)

      if they dont fail now, they will fail at koshien, or so i think what the author is thinking

    2. The fact is that Eijun is not meant to be the perfection. Though he’s the main character, it is normal that he can’t lead the team in a moment like that. He’s still not the Ace~

  4. AAARRRRRGGGGHHH. That’s cheating! One out per chapter, that is the formula that we agreed on. Damn…Thanks for the release.

  5. I could be wrong, and hope I am, but anyone else think that now is the time for a homerun? Seems like how most manga work.

    1. Yeah, I agree, it seems that everything that can go wrong will go wrong in this manga, especially during the times when the team is itching for victory. But, maybe it wont happen this time, I mean something bad already happened (poor Ei-chan). It’s this unpredictability that I love so much about this manga.

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