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  1. Yay!! Thanks so much for a new chapter, Imangascans rocks!! And this chapter, LOLOL, haha…

  2. wooow, really thanks ^^. Oh yeah, can someone tell me how much chapters are left for u guys to reach out the japan release?

  3. just finished reading all 210 baby steps on (a unnamed site)and i’m saddened that now i have to wait instead of turning the page(so to speak)
    so i came to the source hopping to get a next chapter before its posted (on a unnamed site)……………………was looking at the ddl and noticed that the begining is missing………where are 1,2,3.1 and 3.2?…………

    1. It was already done before we started doing it, so there was no point in redoing them

  4. Died at her dad’s sniffle. Genius. Thanks for your consistently top quality work! And so quick too!

    1. You are a person that is on my list of people I like for saying that.

      It may not mean much, but it’s something. lolol

  5. Are you guys going to catch up on Baby Steps once you’re all caught up on Diamond no Ace?

    1. Yes, it does, but that doesn’t answer my question…at their current release rate, they’ll by done year’s end. I was wondering what series may get the same treatment in the future, if at all. They may burn themselves out, but in case they don’t…

  6. Thanks for yet another release – a good way to lift your mood is a Baby Steps chapter. Cheers

  7. Thanks! this was a welcome surprise to the end of my day. Thanks for the translation.

  8. Thank you for the release, was totally not expecting baby steps. I love this manga.

  9. Well, that was easy:P Let’s see what the mother will think when the match starts:) Thanks for the chapter!

  10. Haha, that chapter was awesome, thanks. Like Hajime No Ippo, I like how the author can make filler chapters great along with the fights.

  11. yes! i’ve been hoping for a raise in pace for baby steps and its here! thanks a lot guys.

  12. Hahahahaha, best chapter ever! Thanks for the release.

    I did read the raws a while ago but reading it in english makes much more sense :)

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