Daiya no A Ch185

Hello folks, so here’s yet another chapter of DnA, full of action, yet so empty, with the one out per chapter pace :'(.

On another note, some people took it upon themselves to take the joke on the recruit page and take it too far, so I just wanted to make sure nobody qualified Aoi in any way. I don’t really know her, but as far as I know, she’s a sweet and hard working gal, so let’s keep it that way and nothing else.

Enough of this, it is true we are in need of cleaners for Last Inning, seeing how the last one quit. The pace is at once per week on Wednesdays, so it shouldn’t be too demanding. Please apply if you want to keep the series alive!

Enjoy this new chapter!

16 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch185”

  1. Thanks for the scans, but “harsher” doesn’t really make sense. We can already see the inevitable breakdown in store for Sawamura with his facial expressions, the negative connotation of the word is making it TOO obvious, imo.

    1. Well, it is the word used in the jp. You could stretch it to mean “stronger” or “closer” or whatever else strikes your fancy. He’s basically saying he needs to be even more demanding on himself, throw a better pitch

    2. It’s hard to give it an exact meaning in English. The japanese mean something like more difficult+more borderline+more refined.

  2. Yeah this one at bat per chapter is really frustrating, thank you guys for bringing them daily recently. Would have been a hundred time more frustrating getting it weekly or longer 0_o

  3. Hi. Thanks for the chapter release. I appreciate the daily chapter release of DnA. I’m just wondering when will be the next chapter release of Soul Catcher?

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