New Project! – Apocalypse Alice Ch01

Apocalypse Alice Ch001

Hi, Folks! Today I bring you the first chapter of a new series by Kagami Takaya that recently appeared in Comic Gene. It’s a monthly, and there’s also a light novel that you can find on Baka-Tsuki. I’ve got larethian to thank for bringing my attention to this series (and this series to my attention, I suppose), so thanks as always, lare. Additionally, many thanks to Q-san who was really helpful in providing the raws. If there’s anything wrong with the release, blame me and not them :) Enjoy~

12 thoughts on “New Project! – Apocalypse Alice Ch01”

  1. This has a load of twisted dialogue and events… two thumbs up. I don’t often see this kind of protagonist but when I do, it’s refreshing as hell. The main character reeks of a tragic past, thus thus making him lose his faith in humanity or whatever. I hope he continues to keep up his mental, bad-ass, attitude. Thanks for chapter one. Hope the story continues to be this good. For now, I’ll go read that light novel.

  2. I DL’d and read the first chapter. Didn’t even finish it. Simply does not seem like the kind of manga I’ll enjoy. Thank you for the work. I’m sure many others will enjoy it.

  3. Not explanation from 1st chapter, guess either I will have to wait for next chapter or head down to Baka Tsuki!

    1. Just finished the novel volume 1, pretty grim dark (no shortage gory deaths) and a lot of actions and unresolved conspiracies surrounding virus, and I am stoked for more!

  4. Re: light novel… Any issues w/ the proofing… well, I’m working on it but honestly I haven’t been comitting as much time to it as I’d really like. R/L sux a$$ ATM but I *will* get it proofed ASAP.

    So sorry for being a broke-dick ’bout this, larethian!
    m(_ _)m
    m(_ _)m
    m(_ _)m

  5. Yay, I was hoping to see it translated! The light novel is awesome ;)
    Thank you very much for the release ^^

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