21 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch174”

  1. im experiencing withdrawals symptoms from the llack of todays diamond no ace!!! pls give me my daily dose soon or i feel i may die

  2. I want to see what’s next !
    But first : Thank you for this great chapter.

    Can’t wait !

  3. I thought for sure this chapter would decide it, instead another cliff hanger! Thanks.

    1. If the anime serves as any direction (only somewhat possible anyway), it’s the opening theme song.

      The only reason I say this is because they play the it in episode 22 of the anime when Yuuki goes up to bat.

  4. Not that this pace actually bothers me when (a) we’re near the end of the most important match of the series, and (b) you’re pumping out a chapter per day :)

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