Last Inning Ch185

So Wednesday is Baseball day, except last week, cause I completely forgot about it lol. New chapter of Last Inning, going strong and all. Also, we’d would like to know if anyone has the last page of the final Last Inning chapter raws, could you provide us with a link? Thank you for whoever steps up.

Enjoy this new chapter!

8 thoughts on “Last Inning Ch185”

  1. >> final Last Inning chapter raws

    Uhh… what? You’re 23 volumes away from where they are in Japan, according to mangaupdates….

    1. Last Inning is over in Japan (in the magazine Big Comic Spirits). The last chapter is 439.

    1. Also, don’t really need the chapter since I don’t want to spoil myself. I’ll dl volume raws when they come out and just store them until I need them. Even if I quit translating this manga, I’ll just read it to the end. 25 volumes left, only 19 done… Wow.

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