20 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch170”

  1. Assuming that IMS is a baseball team with all the Daiya no Ace staff as team members and Georgi as the coach, which staff plays which position? :D

    1. Yeah, but being the Shorty is almost as cool as being the Catcher, IMO. Third toughest position on the field, again IMO. Pitcher being the only position cooler than Shortstop in that hierarchy (since catchers are way cooler than pitchers XD). But I might be biased ’cause I played catcher in high school, oh so many years ago.

      (No, we didn’t use rocks back then nor a cave as a dugout. We used Mamoth hide over hand-shaped sabertooth tiger bones fitted together and carved into a ball.) ;

    2. For the record, I’d make an awful baseball coach – don’t even know the rules. 50% of my time would be spent on looking for cute managers and the rest spent looking at the cute managers…

    3. First Baseman. (b^^)b

      Though if georgi is coach I may have to consider a trade somewhere. =D

  2. Thanks for the release. It’s a strange feeling when you get daily releases and you still can’t wait for the next chapter. Spoiled rotten!

  3. Thank you for the continuing pace of releases.

    Chapter went as expected. Followed the old foreshadowing rule: “A gun seen on the mantlepiece in the first act must be fired by the third”. One of these days he will have to learn how to do more at the plate than bunt or strike out. (not a spoiler when it is on the chapter title page!)


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