27 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch166”

  1. I love all of you guys and thanks for every single chapter, it’s awesome work. Sawamuraaaa finally :D

  2. I’m getting the shakes here waiting for the next chapter even though I just read this one… I need my fix…

    1. I’ll take some of the credit for baseball terms and whatnot. I played catcher on the JV team in high school and still watch/listen to games whenever I can. But that was a LONG time ago (being an ol’phag) so if anyone spots something that I missed or disagrees with the way I edited the script, please don’t hessitate to speak up! After all, I’m not always completely unreasonable… just mostly, most of the time. ;D

  3. Poor Tanba, he was given too much cred by his own coach. :/ Who is the Furuya lookalike in the stands?

    Oh and thank you!!!!

  4. thanks for the fast releases! did you say there are 200 more ch of DnA to be translated O.o?

  5. thanks guys! what chapter does sawamura come out in? im guessing “kohai” and “hero” are kominato getting a clutch rbi.. cant wait!

    1. Soonish. Giving anything more than that will be spoilers. And I have 200 chapters of DnA to spoil.

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