28 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch164”

  1. Miri I have to say that you’re the best girl in the world ! Thank you so much for your hard work !

  2. Thanks so much for a new chapter! Especially to Miri! :D
    The speed of these releases is almost scaring me lol ^^

  3. Thank you to the whole team for the insane pace of these scanlations. And please be careful with the performance enhancing substances you must be giving Miri. ;-)

    1. Sure… you had to bring that out into the open. Now how are we going to justify the budget for the ninjas we’ve been having sneak into her place and coating her keyboard with contact-stimulants.

      … Hunh? He didn’t mention the ninjas… I just… ah sonofabitch. (>_<;)

  4. Un gros merci de a France pour ces scans.
    I understand english, but about writte and speak, it’s more difficult, but, i want to say thank you for you wonderfull work.
    Hope that you understand me.
    and thanks again for you work, it’s a pleasur to read a suchhight quality scan

    1. Wow. I think Google trnxl8 is has issues. It said part of CMEPTb’s comment metioned “the tooth foot”. (_O;)

      … which would actually be kinda’ cool as a band name: “The Tooth Feet”…

  5. Thank you Miri, thank you everyone!!!
    Awww poor Ryou-san!
    The most impressive thing Tanba did is shave his head. That said the other team’s Ace pitcher hasn’t been all that impressive either, maybe I think that way because of the build up towards him.

  6. Thank you and wtf is with Tanba… I expected it to go scoreless into the 7th, 8th, or 9th but no… He just looks so bad >_<

    1. Ah, you strip out html tags instead of plaintext-ifying them. I added a [/memes] tag at the end (with angle brackets, of course) in my previous comment.

      Just so new commenters know I don’t normally talk like that.

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