Baby Steps Ch206

Well we are keeping a pretty good pace with Baby Steps considering everyone on it is almost dead lol. But here’s another weekly BS, because we’ve been releasing it for the past few weeks every Saturday!

Enjoy this new chapter!

26 thoughts on “Baby Steps Ch206”

  1. Yay! Thanks so much for a new chapter! The match is really going to the wire, can’t wait to see how it ends!

  2. Thank you for the chapter. And I hope you’re all waiting for the anime as much as I’m.

  3. Thanks for your hard work. I really appreciate it. It really is a good sports manga. I’m a while off from being able to help, but i hope once i’m done learning Japanese i can repay all these scanlators that have brought me these great works over the years.

  4. Currently trying to convince my editor friends to join you guys. Hope they accept!

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.

  5. “Considering everybody is always dead…” No truer words have been spoken… hahaha

    1. Thank you all <3. I loved when it was like…. I give up… To many chants. Made me laugh.

    2. I do what I can with what time I have, but that was definitely too much for what I wanted to do… lolol.

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