imangascans is looking for something specific

“We’re currently in a transition period here at ims, most of our staff has left due to personal reasons and we’re left with a bare-bone skeleton crew. We’re currently looking for someone with experience in scheduling as well as promoting growth within a group. We’d like for ims to survive this drought and move in a positive direction. Please apply if you’re interested” –Tammy

So basically, we are looking for a dominatrix to whip us back in shape.

On another note, we are looking to fill slots of:

  • Dominatrix
  • Cleaners and redrawers for Soul Catcher(S) (Magazine raws, hopefully experienced)
  • Cleaners and redrawers for Baby Steps (Tank raws)
  • Dominatrix, in case you didn’t see
  • And a bit of everything


15 thoughts on “imangascans is looking for something specific”

  1. I want to be the dominatrix, what should i do? wear a one piece tight leather suit and press keyboard hot key to virtual whip.

  2. I miss the time when IMS is at its most active peak. The forum and irc were so much fun back then. Guys, please don’t let IMS die out.

  3. Hey guys, a news:
    Last Inning is ending in Big Comic Spirits # 19 (07/04). The volume 44 or 45 is the last.

    1. Yeah, that source is fine, I know they’ve been right before. It’s just that I find it strange that more up to date info is available in French than in Japanese. Or maybe I just don’t know where to look…

    2. “Hatogaya ends the vivid year—- next issue, the final inning (chapter) at last.”

      Looks like 439 chapters total. Final volume will have to be 44. We’ll have the whole project wrapped up in a month or two. :)

      It’s funny how the manga took 10 years to tell the story of a baseball club’s single year.

    3. Hahaha, truth. It would be epic with 44 volumes and 444 chapters kkk, because what the number 4 is to the Japanese people.

      Well, We still have a long road to the end, but I already feel a bit sad. Anyway, thank you for this great manga. I’m looking to the next chapters! :)

    4. Couldn’t find the raw past chapter 434. It’s a bit of a spoiler for me to know that ends at chapter 439. That sucks. haha

  4. What a coincidence, i’m looking for a Dominatrix too… By the way, if sometime you need help with Daiya no Ace, i can give you a hand in the typesetting.

  5. You have no idea how HARD I’m working not to make comments about having someone whip my BONE… XD

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