Daiya no A Ch161

Well, you people aren’t gonna wait til late in the day to get this one! So here’s your daily chapter of DnA! Included a little side page in what we need!

Enjoy this new chapter!

P.S Sorry, 5 pages were missing, added them and reuploaded!

11 thoughts on “Daiya no A Ch161”

  1. Haha, that ads about a dominatrix, almost made me want to apply ;).
    I was an admin for 3 years in another well-known scan group, i was also a dominatrix lol. Anyway that made me laugh ;).

    But, i’ve stopped scan last summer and it wasn’t in good terms with it ;).

    But sad to see you guys are in bad shape. I always liked your release.
    I hope you guys will make through ;).

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